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Couverture Mission Edora

Mission Edora

Posté par Tymothi’s headTymothi le 30 novembre 2023



Last Thursday at 5 PM, Professor Galaxius convened a crisis meeting at NationsGlory's UN. Let's delve into the exciting Edora Mission in detail!




A New Planet

This is the major announcement from the UN: an unknown planet named Edora has been discovered. It harbors dangerous fauna and flora, an unexplored frozen land never ventured by humans before. This is where the missing pilot from last March might be located.

Edora map

Geography Overview

We've had a first glimpse of the planet's geography and the fossil of an unusual creature. Another key piece of information: the construction of a new rocket will be necessary to access it.



Call for Solidarity

The Professor calls on all countries to contribute to the research and construction of the new rocket.
To advance the research bar, everyone simply needs to open their Advent calendar with the Professor in the capital of each server.

We are entering a phase of discovery and research around this icy planet, with the promise of learning more throughout the month of December.

Happy holidays on NationsGlory!

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Les lootboxs ultimates sont de retour pour une durée et une quantité limitée !

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